Diane  18-February-2008


Some still ask what they can do to prepare themselves for Ascension, and the simple answer is to open up your consciousness to take in the higher vibrations. That means eliminating those that are created by your negative actions or thoughts. It is living within yourself and not allowing outside influences to distract you from your intention to uplift yourself. It takes time to become the master again of your emotions, because you have been led to believe that they are a natural function over which you have little control. You have been programmed by those around you to accept yourself as you are, as though you have no responsibility or control over your ego.


By exercising control over yourself and creating calmness around you, it helps others who may be in a state of tension. You become a source of peace, and its soothing effect defuses the situation. It also means that your thoughts and actions are controlled, and not those of one who is in a state of panic or liable to be irrational. Reaching such a point of self-control prevents aggression and anger that do as much harm to you as anyone else. The dramas of life are presented as entertainment, and your news seems to focus on these aspects rather than achievements that are adding to the quality of life. However, in this way you are living out make believe situations, that still have a marked effect upon you. Do you feel inspired or excited by what you see, or find that it is abhorrent to your nature. There are still lessons that can be learnt without physically participating in the actions you see depicted.


The dark forces concentrate on separatism, and their agenda is to highlight the differences between people such as their culture and religion. It revolves around making you feel that one is superior to the other. It makes some your friends and others your enemies, and so it goes on until you begin to believe the falsehoods and propaganda. You have been brainwashed into these beliefs for eons of time, and none less than your own feeling of inferiority to those who lead and rule you. As with everything in life, there comes a time when you begin to see through the way in which you are being used and manipulated. That time has arrived, and now there are movements against those in power who have mislead you for their own benefit.


You are awakening to the way in which you can overcome the negativity, and it starts with you. As each one of you take charge of your lives and direct your thoughts and actions for the good of all, so you create the energies for change. As they grow they help bring a balance into being, and eventually the Light becomes so powerful it transmutes the dark energies. They lose their power, and no longer hold the degree of control over you that they had previously. Fear is understood as a tool of the dark and this too begins to have less impact upon you. Life is a continual power game between the forces of Light and dark, it is the essence of duality. It will soon have run its course, and the path to freedom from its influences is to be found in Ascension.


Many people blame God for what you are experiencing, wondering what type of Being would allow what takes place on Earth. They expect God to intervene and release you from the very conditions you have created yourselves. It may be hard to accept that you are responsible for what is before you, but you have allowed the dark forces to take control. Freedom of experience was granted to you by God and having done so, you must be allowed to learn from your choices. However, there is Light at the end of the tunnel, as those souls who have acknowledged the Light and brought it into their lives, are raising the vibrations for you. It has created an opportunity to leave the old behind, and the many Beings attracted to Earth to assist you help raise the vibrations even further.


You are participating in an event of cosmic proportions, and it is your freewill that will determine how much you take part in it. Certainly changes will come regardless of whether a section of people have no desire to move on. The Earth will take with it those who have made the decision to be part of Ascension, thus those who seek another path will be allowed to do so. Perhaps God will be seen in a different Light, as caring for all souls whilst still allowing freedom of choice. God is All Love and makes no distinction between any souls, and there is no judgement or punishment meted out. You will all find your own path that eventually leads back to the Source Of All That Is, the Supreme Creator.


It is therefore necessary to look within for your own personal guidance. Only you can decide what your path shall be and your decision will be honoured. Placed before you are a number of options, and if you choose Ascension other Beings will respond to it by offering you a guiding hand. There is no forcing of these issues, and at all times it is your choice that is paramount. There are those amongst you who have come to Earth specifically to help raise Mankind, bringing with them knowledge and wisdom from the Higher Realms. They have come out of their love for you and left their homes amongst the stars. They have entered your lower vibrations, knowing that their consciousness would also be veiled by the darkness. However, like you they know subconsciously that they will again find the Path of Light to lead them back.


The period of time you are in is one of upward progress, as the path has opened up that allows for your upliftment. This is normal for the end time of any cycle, and although your limited knowledge of Atlantis and Lemuria speaks of death and destruction, there was also a lifting off of those who had followed the Law of One. Many of you were on Earth at these times, and you have been given another chance to overcome the lower forces. Subconsciously you are aware of your previous experiences, and they are guiding you to the Light. You know the consequences of doing otherwise, and how it will delay your progress.


I am Diane from Sirius, and as a member of the Galactic Federation bring you our inspiration to guide you back into the Light. We are the proof of what is possible as you lift up out of the darkness. We come to join hands with you, and together we shall walk the path to freedom in glorious Love and Light.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.