SaLuSa  14-December-2007


Come the ending of this year it will be the last one of its kind. From hereon the changes will manifest in a positive way, that will tell you beyond doubt that you have broken away from the old ways. Even for those with little or no knowledge of the end times a sense of change for the good will uplift them. You have been going through some of the most difficult times you have ever experienced, but you shall be more than compensated by the Light descending upon Earth. It will take announcement of the coming changes to fully awaken people to what a momentous period you are entering.


The time has arrived to release your worries and have faith in the future of Mankind. It has been planned for eons of time that you shall lift up in the final years of this cycle, and the preparations have ensured it will be so. The Galactic Federation is not alone in this venture, and civilisations from all over the Galaxy have made contact with Earth for the purpose of overseeing its changes. For all of your insignificance as a planet at the edge of the Milky Way, you are the centre of attention because of your importance in the Ascension process. Much depends upon your safe and successful transition, so that the whole Universe can also begin its final upliftment.


How we wish we could shout the news from the treetops, but for the time being we have to approach the whole matter in an orderly manner. It is essential that we do not cause shock or confusion by our actions, and this is where we need to co-ordinate our progress with our allies upon Earth. At present many of you unaware that you are enlisted in our activities, but until the right time we cannot reveal your identities. Your potential has already been recognised, and pre-planning has ensured that you are primed and eager to start the final stages of Earth’s changes.


It is not that you are lacking ideas as to how to deal with the problems connected with your environment, and many now wait some opportunity to use their expertise. You have been impressed with many wonderful ideas as to how to overcome the needs of Earth and its people. Therefore, moving up another level will seem quite natural, and we shall train personnel to use our advanced technology. Speed will be of the essence, and with our help we shall successfully work together as a team that shall achieve miracles. Mother Earth will be pleased, and able to delay what would inevitably have been some serious physical changes.


Transport and communications will be amongst the first needs that will be addressed, as our allies must be able to move freely around the world and keep in touch with their base. Much of the directions that will accompany you will be given on board our ships, and we can download information into your consciousness in a way that requires little or no time. You will not of course be on your own, and we will be delighted to work with you. Over long periods of time many of you have been closely associated with us, and unbeknown to you we have often met and laid down the plans that are to be implemented.


What a wonderful time is ahead, and what a relief it will be to you to throw off the restrictive practises and controls that prevent your free and uninterrupted travel. We will ensure that our plan is put over to you in a clear and simple way, and it is our announcements and subsequent communications that will put beyond doubt our intentions for you all. Of necessity we will need to land some of our craft upon Earth, but a mass showing of our presence will come at a later date. There will be plenty of time to acquaint you with our teams, which are your close families from Space.


Weather control will be our responsibility, and we will ensure that it is beneficial to you, and eventually you will find yourselves in a more temperate climate. Presently you suffer from the tampering with your weather patterns, and it has not always been intended for your good. The demise of Atlantis was because the Atlantean's played with powerful energies that they could not control, and you would otherwise face a similar situation but for our coming. We have absolutely no intention of allowing the dark forces to have a free hand to destroy your Earth. Already they know of our presence, and have experienced our ability to severely limit their actions.


We know that Man is at heart a benign Being, and all that is required to bring his peaceful mien to the front is to remove the constant threat of curtailment of his freedom. So many of your “lost souls” will respond to our coming and the hope we bring. We will show you that you are spiritual Beings, with an enormous potential to bring peace and happiness back into your lives. It is your natural state, and we shall release you from the intense laws and regulations that bar your way. Freedom of expression and the means to do so will become your normal way of life before long. It will also break down the suspicion and lack of trust between the different races.


You cannot live in peace together when your leaders contrive situations to keep you apart. They teach fear and isolate you within your own countries, and you become lethargic and disinterested in life, which seems to lose its purpose. With our coming a wave of new enthusiasm for life will stream across your world, and at last you will be able to express yourselves freely and put your many talents to use for the betterment of all. Man is normally industrious and loves to work for the upliftment of all life forms, and soon the opportunities will come thick and fast. The seas must be completely cleansed, and respect paid to the whales and dolphins that have carried energies that have been essential to you and the Earth. They are marvellous Beings that have a consciousness at least equal to your own.


Dear Ones, I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I have come with love to uplift you,  because you still have much to learn about all life around you, and we shall ensure that you are well informed and aware of it as soon as possible. Busy times are ahead, but also enjoyable times where drudgery and monotony will have no place. Be in joy and happy at the prospect of taking a great leap forward, because there will be no going back to the old ways – never again.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey