Ag-agria  08-August-2008


These are very energetic times as the levels of vibration continue to rise upon Earth. Many of you can feel the upliftment that is taking place, and it is a steadying influence in times that are very testing. The Olympics in China should be a showcase of Humanity’s ability to come together in true friendship, but it cannot hide the discontent that lies behind the scenes. It highlights the very matters that are a blight in many countries, and none may hold their heads up high where Human Rights are concerned. People in general have grasped the fact that you need a new approach to the way that mankind is treated. They see the flaws and deception, the oppressive laws and draconian controls that deny each and every one of you your rights. The call for a stop to the denial of them grows stronger, and political demonstrations will intensify until your leaders take notice. It is a worldwide phenomenon, and the people will not only be heard but force them to take notice.


Pretence that all is well amongst the population of the world is the smoke screen used by those that know better, and hide their real motives behind platitudes and declarations that no longer fool people. You are extremely powerful when you come together in a common purpose, and it is you who must be listened to otherwise outright anarchy will take place. It is not that all agree as to how you should handle the matter, and peaceful demonstrations often escalate into violence. However, we note that sometimes those who should be protecting you orchestrate it against you deliberately to evoke a response. We will never advocate violence in any form, but we do understand your exasperation and frustration when the authorities fail to respond to your pleas. Wherever you gather we shall also be present if only to calm the proceedings, and where possible inject a note of common sense in all concerned.


Because of the changes that are taking place now, the higher energies tend to highlight all that is not in harmony with it, and it is natural that you express your discontent. It is readily apparent to you where the changes need to take place, and you will consistently seek the remedies that will put it right. Currently your focus is directed towards your governments, as few can claim to pay any particular attention to what you are saying. They will disregard you at great risk to themselves, as people power is growing through the mass consciousness of the world. You subconsciously know your rights, and your insistence that they be returned is part of the cleansing that has started. It is building bridges that connect with the pathway to Ascension.


You have created the circumstances that allow for our arrival on Earth. You are ready to accept our help and hold out your hands in friendship, which we gratefully acknowledge. We know that your authorities are scared of our influence and deny our presence. They see us as a threat to their position and know that we shall support you, and are able to bring a halt to war and the industries that support it. We wish as you do, to redirect your resources and energy into peaceful pursuits, and there will be a place for everyone who expresses such desires. Now more than any previous time, you can see where your political systems fail you, and it is clear that major changes must take place. The old ones have become redundant, and those in power lack both the will and foresight to move into a new age. It is a fact that the Illuminati keep the status quo, to prevent you from moving out of an age that is totally dependant on oil. Free energy that would solve your problems and reliance on oil is all around you, and the means to tap it are already known but shelved.


Free energy is the answer not only to replace oil driven industries, but would solve your transport problems and all of your needs where your home life is concerned. Such advances were given to you not to be hidden away to maintain the greed of the Power Companies, but to advance your standards of living and take away your dependence on oil. Change is a natural development for any evolving society, but yours has been deliberately stagnated and held back in the name of profit and control. Once we of the Galactic Federation arrive on Earth, we shall instigate massive projects that shall enable you to leap into the future. You shall see the most remarkable changes over the next few years, because our time of arrival approaches very quickly. In consequence you will soon forget the dark days, and your focus will be on getting prepared for the great and unique occasion of your Ascension.


Chaos abounds around you, but that is to be expected as the old is breaking up and the way must be cleared for the new to manifest. Much work will be needed to restore your Earth let alone provide for all of your needs. However, be assured that we are more than a match for the challenge, and have rehearsed our plan many times. Our help is vital if you are to move on, and this is why our arrival has been decreed as an event that will happen very soon. Within the parameters that we have been given even now we control what happens on Earth, and will ensure that no actions taken by your dark forces alter the outcome. It is being held steady, and particular attention is given to the likely manipulation of your weather which can be used as a weapon against you. Also be assured that we control the space around your planet, and it shall not be invaded or controlled by any other force.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius and have much experience where you are concerned, and have accompanied you through many periods of your history. You must bear in mind that our life span is much longer than yours, and we do not experience aging such as you do. Consequently, you have never knowingly seen an old Space Being but always we appear in our prime of life. Yet in your measurement of time, we are hundreds of years old but show no signs of aging. In the future this shall also be your experience, as your new crystalline physical bodies will be so refined that they will keep their shape and condition. With it comes perfect health, and all of those ills and disabilities that are commonplace on Earth will no longer assail you. You will also have become one with the great Universal Light and Love that contains All That Is. 


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.