Diane  06-August-2008


We continue to register your rapidly increasing levels of consciousness. You are coming together in the one energy that is emphasising the need for change. It is creating the conditions for the manifestation of what is needed to move you on, and it is motivating many brave souls who now come forth with truth as their driving force for good. These souls stand out and speak with full confidence and passion, as they fight for your right to remove those who no longer serve your highest ideals. They need your support and we ask you to rally around them, as there is a greater safety in numbers and less risk of interference. We see so many individuals taking it upon themselves to enlighten others as to what is taking place, and they will not be denied.


The dark are suddenly facing the reality of their own demise, and for those who have wielded so much power it is a great shock. Now there is fear amongst the Illuminati, as having seemingly achieved their goal to establish their authority over all others, it is now slipping away. Other countries have recognised the path being trod, and Russia in particular having been broken apart by insidious interference in their affairs, have risen up again with an agenda to create a peaceful world. They are a great power within their own rights, who stand against the criminals who govern the US. There is indeed a bloc of countries that oppose the US, and they are unknowingly helping create the conditions that will allow for the massive changes needed..


Humanity is crying out for leadership that will remove the infidels that are intent on destroying the world, and restore sanity and a feeling of oneness and co-operation. The energy for such changes is already there and simply seeks an outlet for its manifestation. The gravity of the world situation with so much starvation, and shortages imposed by policies intended to bring countries to their knees, is awakening others to the need of prompt action. The next few weeks will be politically very active, and the dark forces will find their plans are no longer viable. It will be an opportunity to take away the power of the leading members of the last cabal, and once weakened it will become easier to instigate their complete removal.


Needless to say, as always we are abreast of what is taking place, and have a total picture of the likely outcome of the impetus created by you. It means that our allies can seize opportunities to push forward with their own agenda, and it will speed up the final stages that will allow the first major changes to appear. However, patience is still required as having come thus far, we do not intend that all of your good work and ours shall be set back by moving too quickly. We are ready to seize control on your behalf as soon as it is practical to do so, and prevent any madcap actions by the dark as they contemplate defeat. We know exactly how they think, and will curtail any attempts to prevent the Light from manifesting on your world.


The truth of past events that have established a false terrorist threat, and self-imposed actions attributed to them, are becoming accepted worldwide. It is seen that opposition has resulted from such actions, and that the Illuminati are the root cause of much worldwide conflict. The truth can no longer be hidden, and overwhelming evidence of their dark agenda to impose their rule upon you is openly acknowledged. The Light of freedom must clear out the dark places that hide the covert operations that blight your Earth, and threaten your life. To this end we shall assist you, as the task is too much for you alone. You shall open Pandora’s box, and reveal to the world the truth of how it has been manipulated and controlled by the dark forces. The separatism that has deliberately set one against the other, will be seen for what it is and at last Humanity will be able to express its true fellowship with those who seek a peaceful co-existence.


Man is in essence a benign creature that desires to live out life in peace, so as to be free to enjoy his creations and share them with others. Therefore, there will be absolutely no difficulty in your coming together, during the interim period that shall precede First Contact. It will see much activity and a new sense of purpose, which shall break down all previous barriers that have kept you apart. There will be a great urge to repair the damage of centuries of war and hostilities that have caused so much hatred. All prejudice and cultural differences will be set aside, and eventually a world government will be established that truly represents your needs and has our support. Before you ascend, you are to experience such co-operation and love between you that has not been possible previously. Fear and suspicion of each other’s actions will no longer occur, as all will be seen to work openly and with your approval.


You must work towards Ascension by laying down the pathway of Love and Light, and stepping upon it as soon as possible. That may seem too far away from your reality at present, but be assured it will come about very quickly under our guidance and with our help. It is our service to you, and we are making our intentions known through opening up many more channels of communication. It has taken a long time to open your eyes, and get you to look outside of the cocoon that has hidden the truth from you. When we tell you that you are great Beings, we do not do so to inflate your ego but to remind you of your latent powers of creation. You are far from powerless, and can throw off the yoke of being “Lesser Beings” which image has been imposed upon you by the ruling powers.


I am Diane from Sirius, and ask you to believe in yourselves, as you were created in the image of God, and have all of the potential to once again become great souls of Light. You are all gods in making and before this cycle ends, you shall attain much higher levels of consciousness and exercise your creative powers. Some of you will find it hard to accept, but when we walk amongst you realise that we are your future selves. You were already evolved when you elected to come to Earth, and have simply fallen into the lower vibrations that have diminished your ability to know your true selves. You have the ability to fully align yourself with the Light, and eventually you will quite easily take to becoming great souls of Unconditional Love. The Light is bringing out your best attributes and your response is magnificent, and we love you for your true selves that are lifting out of the darkness of ages past.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.