Ker-On  25-April-2008


Be gracious and be gentle in your thoughts and actions with those who are yet to awaken. Everyone travels a path that takes them here, there and everywhere as part of their experiences, and no two are exactly the same. You are reaching a point where your paths start to separate, as you make the decision to either move fully into the Light or continue as you are. The difference in each otherís approach to life will become quite marked, and there will be a clear separation between the two. You will have friends and even family where this difference becomes obvious, and your role as one of the Light is to make allowance and acceptance of their choice.


Events that will both shock and surprise the world are not far away from happening, and they will have the effect of dividing it into two camps. Many will be in denial and unable to cope with the major changes that will result. It will be a time of much soul searching, and to some extent a period when there has to be a final choice as to which way people will go. It is not that there is a line drawn that prevents a later move into the Light, but time is growing short for a major shift in consciousness. In reality you will have already made your decision, but at any given time you still have the freewill to change direction.


Great energies are pouring onto the Earth and consolidating the Light. As you take it into yourself you are lifting up out of the 3D, and becoming more detached from it. You cannot remain in the lower vibrations, although your presence upon Earth is beneficial to those who still seek the Light. The separation that is taking place is perfectly normal, and all souls must be allowed to go their own way. There is a place in the great Cosmos for each one to continue their experience appropriate to their present stage of development. You have unlimited opportunities to continue it on other planets, in a different Galaxy, or even another Universe. There is a place that will give you exactly what you need to continue your soul searching, as you satisfy your quest for upliftment.


Up until the Space Age started you hardly gave thought to the possibility of life on other planets. Now the evidence stares you in the face yet in spite of it some of you are still doubtful, or even in a state of fear at that the thought of it. Yet, it tells you that life is abundant all through the Universe, and that you are not alone as was once thought to be so. You have had a difficult task to understand the truth, as through many misconceptions and false information it has been hidden away. We of the Galactic Federation and the Masters are to walk amongst you, to reveal the truth of your past and enlighten you about the Universe that is your home. If you block the truth it will simply delay your progress, as you are continually re-creating your own reality.


We have often advised you to go within, and trust your intuition when confronted with something that causes you uncertainty. By all means listen to others, but in the end it is your decision that is the most important. Deep within you really have all of the answers, and in this time of enlightenment you can learn so much of value. It is your spiritual evolution that stands to gain immensely during this coming period. The doors to the truth will be opened wide and no one shall want for illuminating information. These are wonderful times to be on Earth, and the dark side should not cloud your judgement. The cleansing will eventually remove all that is not of the higher vibrations, and you will step into the Light and full consciousness.


Look at us and see your own potential, as many of you will be joining us. We represent many civilisations that have lifted up into the Light, and no longer dwell in the lower vibrations. Life is wonderful and fulfilling once you reach the higher levels, and you have absolute freedom of choice in what you do. By the Laws of Attraction, you will move into those vibrations that are in harmony with you, and those souls who share your desires. At all times there will be greater Beings that move amongst you, and there is no lack of help or guidance.


On Earth you have experienced separation, and it has been a deeply moving one that has seen you search for your source. You have always sought the Light and truth of your being, and now the opportunity stands before you to move onto the path of your true Self. Put behind you all of the trauma and chaos attached to Earth, as you can detach yourself from it by totally moving into the Light. See it as outside of you and know that it will be short lived, as very soon we shall be amongst you and together we shall bring everything up to a new level. The perpetrators of the dark deeds taking place will be removed from their positions of power, and their influence will be immediately diminished. They and their supporters will be pushed into the background and have no say in the cleansing and rebuilding of Earth.


We look at the conditions you live in and admire your resilience and determination to survive them. Over millennia of time you have become warriors of the Light, and have always come up again after being beaten down. This powerful force that motivates you is your need for survival, and it has honed your experience and resulted in your absolute resolution to overcome all obstacles. You are strong Beings where your willpower is concerned, and it will greatly assist our plans for Earth as we work together. You have learnt to be industrious and inventive, and you will have no difficulty in accepting the Plan for Man.


We come to move you quickly into a new era that will in turn result in your readiness for Ascension. We will advance you into a technological age that should already have taken you past your present experiences. Along with it shall come a spiritual understanding that is essential for your onward progress. The Truth Is, and no longer will it be carved up and set people apart, as you are One and that understanding will have become established before the end of this cycle.


I am Ker-on from Venus, dimensions that are beyond your physical sight. They are of beauty and absolute harmony, and I bring these vibrations with me. You will find that all evolved Beings carry such energies with them. They are soon to be yours also, as you lift up even higher into the Love and Light.   


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.