Diane  23-April-2008


The most important person right now is you, not that you should place yourself above all others but know that you owe it to yourself to prepare for the final passage of your journey to Ascension. As events on Earth are speeding along, you may catch your breath at the changes forming in your full view. If you have perspective you will see further along the path, and an outcome that bodes well for the next stages that will enable the vast changes predicted. Political change is inevitable and essential, to move out of the way the last obstacles that hold up our coming as part of First Contact.


While the chaos clears and a new pathway emerges, it is for you to aid its manifestation by focussing on the outcome. It is what you have brought into being through your energetic expression of a new world, and is one that lives in peace and happiness. That vision is not merely a dream but already forming within your midst. We are part of it and assist you, whilst ensuring that you are not subject to the attempts of the dark forces to prevent it becoming your reality.


Your presence of mind and ability to stand fast in your Light gladdens our hearts, as we see a peaceful stand against all attempts to thwart you and prevent you achieving your goals. Have no doubt that the dark are well aware of what is taking place in the higher realms, and take a great interest in our activities. They also know that freewill is extended to them, and that they have a certain freedom to continue with their plan. What they will learn is that the Light is far stronger than their ability to cause a fearful response to their actions. Having committed themselves to the path of darkness, they cannot admit to themselves that their activities will fail and not achieve their aims. They presently look for any opportunity to create distractions, and maintain their hold on the financial markets. For millennia of time they have dictated the policies that have held you in bondage to them for your existence.


Out of the potential fall of your money markets, will come the opportunity to introduce a new way that will alter the banking system you are familiar with now. It will embrace the abundance program and introduce a fair distribution of wealth. From these changes a whole raft of problems will be swept away, and set the scene for the establishment of a system that will ensure the social services are adequate to meet the needs of the people. Equality in all matters will ensure that no one is favoured over another, and that all of your resources are shared according to need and not simply for those who can afford them. There has been too much emphasis upon the acquisition of wealth, and it has encouraged greed and avarice.


You are sovereign Beings of great potential and you are awakening to your full abilities. You are not powerless in the face of the dark forces; indeed you wield power that knows no equal because you are of the Light. Your activities bring the Light to Earth, and it is subtle yet decisive in its effectiveness to bring change. The old cannot hold its form in the Light unless its vibrations are high enough, and so you are seeing many respected establishments bending to change. In medicine and caring in general there are to be massive changes, as your present systems are not equal to the task and have become moneymaking schemes for your drug industries. Your abuse of drugs has also been encouraged without consideration of the long-term harm it causes. The dark look after their own, and have little if any regard for the despair and degradation their policies and laws cause.


You will be taking back your God given rights, and to this end we shall support you and your new government. We speak here not of your traditional parties but of those to be elected because of their spirituality and intent, able to restore governance so that it truly represents the people. The true and trustworthy politicians are being kept in the background, whilst the presidential elections are manoeuvred and rigged to ensure that only the minions of the dark are appointed. These tactics will no longer be able to be hidden, and already there is a greater awareness of the manipulation and fraudulent practises that take place. You are bringing pressure to bear upon those who are behind the dark forces, and they are being forced to come out into the open.


Now your voices are being heard but there is still along way to go, and the changes will not be sufficient to manifest our plan for you until your last cabal has been removed, and their power base dismantled. We are responding to you, and edge ever nearer to the time that our initial plans can be implemented. We have held the balance for a long time now, and soon shall take charge of the renewing of your Constitution and ensure its benefits are immediately applicable. We desire to release you from the dire and draconian laws that have taken away your rights. That we shall do and it will have far reaching benefits all over your world. We come for everyone, but the focus remains on the U.S. as it will again be restored to its former greatness and become a shining example for the rest of the world.


You of the Light are the leaders who are showing the way forward, and your influence is far more reaching than you imagine. We commend you for your steadfastness and resolve to bring changes to Earth, and restore it to its former glory. Somewhere in your sub-consciousness you know what is planned for the final days of this cycle. You were fully aware of your tasks before you came to Earth, and you will naturally and wholeheartedly take to the forthcoming changes we shall introduce. Our actions are the fulfilment for Man and his emergence from the darkness of ages past. Our words carry the energy of love, and you capture it even as you read them. Similarly the words of the dark carry fear, but cannot touch you while you remain in the Light.


I am Diane from Sirius, and I bring you hope and assurance that we are ever with you. Our task does not finish with Ascension, and we shall join hands and become One in the Federation of Ascended Planets. Our future together is assured, and our evolution continues through experience of the great realms that are part of the Fathers Kingdom. They are without end, and filled with life in ever-different forms that are the expression and vision of the Creator.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.