SaLuSa  04-April-2008


Heaven gazes down upon your tiny Earth at the outer edge of the Milky Way. You evoke much curiosity, as you go through the final days of time in your present dimension. Many civilisations both within and without your Universe desire to witness your upliftment, and in particular the changes in your consciousness. All are learning from your battle to expand your understanding sufficiently to open the path to freedom. They also wish to witness your advancement as you rise up with your physical body, and the changes to it that allow it to happen. You are truly attracting much attention, but none are allowed to interfere with the process taking place.


Stories of the Galactic wars and the influence of the dark forces, might lead you to believe that there is no law and order within your Universe. However, that is incorrect as there are many that all have to obey, that if broken bring in other laws that are corrective as karmic responsibilities. In normal circumstances all have freedom of choice, but Earth is a quarantined planet that must complete its cycle as decreed. We of the Galactic Federation are the enforcers of it, and we surround you with our protection and the curious are kept at a safe distance. The Earth is ringed with our craft, and our technology keeps you safe from danger.


Equally, we contain the dark energies from Earth, and prevent them from going out into the Universe. We cannot allow such pollution to poison other civilisations, even although they may have reached higher levels of consciousness that would enable them to transmute it. You may have read of the activities of the Reptilians and their dark influences, but again it is confined to those who are attracted to them and already of a lower vibration. Like attracts like, and that is an immutable law that is at the centre of all that takes place. Now you are edging towards Ascension, you have still to overcome the lower energies on Earth, but these are dying away. Those who have chosen this path are protected and as they draw more Light to themselves, they create their own barrier.


Even in the Light you may still be tempted by the outer happenings, but they cannot have any effect unless you open up to them. You are leaving the old consciousness behind, and instead of being caught up in the negativity are becoming totally centred in the Light. That is your protection and you need not fear from any attempt to pull you down. As an observer of life you can allow it to pass you by, but your involvement can of course allow for your desire to spread your Love and Light upon it. That is a service that can benefit others who struggle to release themselves from the dark forces. It may sound melodramatic to speak of the dark in such terms, but their ways are directed to keep you under their control.


Due to the good work of our allies and your own endeavours to bring in changes, you are already beyond the clutches of the dark cabal. They are fading away and becoming frustrated by their loss of power. Their stronghold is breaking up and their influence is no longer what it was. Having breached their defences we hasten their total collapse, ready to lead Mankind into a different direction that will fulfil his desires. Much of what we do does not reach your ears, but we are constantly monitoring what is occurring and taking appropriate action. We still contain the energies that might otherwise threaten large scale calamities, although we cannot guarantee your total safety. Some physical changes to Earth are being held back that are essential to her own cleansing, and at some stage must be followed through.


We have been granted more power to direct the events upon Earth, so as to bring about the conditions that will finally allow for First Contact sooner rather than later. Our presence in your skies continues to proliferate and your governments pretend to have little interest in our activities, when in fact they are utterly embarrassed that they can do little or nothing about it. For certain they are correct to say that we present no threat to you, but instead are against their plans to subject you to global control. Our timing is not without coincidence, as we have followed your path for eons of time.


We came openly at the first signs of your intention to develop and test the atomic bomb. Now your dark forces invent more lethal weapons, and they hide them in underground bases where many are tested. The danger is now not only to you on Earth but if they are carried into space. That is curtailed by us, and do not fear as we will never allow some weapons to be used. Those that are will not be ones of mass destruction, and again we will limit their use. We cannot yet impose a ban on such weapons, but that will come as part of the package of conditions that will accompany a worldwide treaty to bring total peace to your planet.


We can do some things, and not others whilst your last cabal is still in power. Once we reach the stage of announcing our coming after governmental changes, we shall help restore the Constitution which shall become a model for all others. It will ensure your freedom and sovereignty for the remainder of this cycle, and allow for a happy and peaceful period of changes that are of benefit to everyone. Matters on Earth are reaching breaking point, so try to envisage how it can be turned around to your advantage. Do not despair at momentary inconvenience, as no matter what you experience it will be nothing compared to the benefits that will arise afterwards.


Our agenda makes for short work of the tasks we have to do. While time continues to speed up, we are nevertheless more than equal to it. We have flexibility within our plans, and have vast fleets of craft at our disposal. The physical aspects of our responsibility to you are therefore easily handled, and we can already cover whatever needs to be replaced.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and we view this period as most exciting as we know what joy it will bring you. For too long you have been denied your happiness, and we shall remove all of the obstacles that prevent it. We foresee a great lifting up simply because of our presence, and that will grow very rapidly as peace and abundance returns to Earth. 


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.