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03-18-13: This was the second group meeting of the GCCP; we had 11 people present. The meeting was opened with drumming and a song by Patty Bear and Jane for the four directions. Then a message, The Land, by Nancy accompanied by Native American music continued to set the energy for the meeting. General discussion came from everyone present as to what this project is about and what could be involved. Then Marias spoke through Lucy of the downloads that will be coming in the preparations for the creation of the the Centers, then Hatonn spoke through Nancy of the coming Command Centers and the ones that are within the earth. He spoke of how the intent energy can create.

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Opening#1,  Opening#2 Marius,  Hatonn


01-15-13: On January 9, Bob, our dear friend Sandra, and I were visiting with friends in our neighborhood and after dinner, we gathered in their living room with the intent to ask for some information from our Galactic beings. The house is quite close to the area that we've been told will be the location of the Galactic Command Center in this area. The first being who came through was called Tim, his Galactic name being Oishna. He spoke through Nancy, and told us that he has volunteered to play the role of directorship of any disturbances that may come around the periphery of the network of the Center, as it is being created. Then the being, Marias spoke through his beloved Lucy Colson, who also lives in this area, and has been channeling for well over 30 years.  He spoke of the energies of the coming times and how wonderfully it is forming. Then St. Germain spoke through Nancy and shared with us of how the changes in the Universe are accelerating and becoming as never has been, in potential. It was a very loving experience for us all.

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Opening DiscussionTimMariusSt Germain


12-22-12: Today around 1:00pm we began seeing cloudships (Pictures Below) to the south of us; they changed shape once in a while, and are still with us just after sunset. Bob asked me to tune in and see what it was all about. Below are two links for you to listen to; the first one is part of the Family Gathering message I received on 12-20-12. In that message Hatonn spoke of the coming Galactic Federation's plans for the area just south of here in which they will be coming to set up their network. In the first part of the message excerpt I have posted here, it was confirmed that our dear, departed dog, Toshiro will be speaking through me and will have the name/energy of Enoch when he comes back in his new body. He also spoke of the area, and the plans for it. Humanity is finding more and more that the animal kingdom has much to share with us. Here is an example of that. The message I received today, which you can listen to on the second link, pertains to what Hatonn and Enoch said in the first message.

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Pictures of Cloudships in El Dorado NM