Following is the 9-Step Method... as offered in 2003 by Helen Engel, the founder of the First Contact Scouts Volunteer Project.  

I would like to preface this and suggest you first give yourself permission to be a conduit to our space families – without doubt your lovelight will reach our space brethren.  

Allow yourself to receive only from the divine source for the highest good of all.  With this blessed intent, know that no harm can come into your energy… we are guided and protected… “only the divine can touch me” is a wonderful affirmation.   


Connection to the spacecraft is enhanced if a person gets into a meditative state then connects with the spacecraft through the Internet using the signal RELAY RELAY RELAY, just as ships use SOS. The word RELAY connects your computer with the powerful directional beam that connects the spacecraft to earth.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1:   Turn computer on, activate INTERNET

Step 2:  Address an e-mail message to yourself, subject "Space Visitors" (or?)

Step 3:  Join thumb and first finger, both hands (creating electrical circuit) enter your meditation…

Step 4:  Type: RELAY RELAY RELAY WELCOME SPACE CRAFT YES (do not mail yet)

Step 5:  Send love, hope and wonderment to the craft. This is when you send an energy beam to the craft. (Open your heart to the monitor.)   If your beam is strong and straight, it will reach the craft.

Step 6:  Prepare your extrasensory perception attributes to be energized by the space craft.  In other words, prepare to receive a message.  Wait.   NOTE: Do not touch thumb and first finger after you connect as this jams the signal.

Step 7:  Type message from craft, and mail it to yourself.

Step 8:  Send a copy of the email to with permission to share it with all scouts if appropriate.

Step 9:  As you become proficient, you might ask for guidance re: landing sites near you.

I know it sounds unbelievable; try it, you can't hurt anything. We are safe, because only strong impulses of love, hope and wonderment

can reach the spacecraft. The negative forces cannot simulate love, nor make a hologram of a love beam, so this is one area where weare winning. /Helen