Mt Shasta Hollow and Inner Earth Second Event!  June 9, 2012

With Beings From Telos, Agartha, and Hollow Earth

Hosted by Zaraya (Billie Faye Woodard) and Quasar (Jane Stevens)


We were delighted to have this very special joyous gathering of our beloved Masters from Hollow Earth and Inner Earth who were channeled by our beloved brother and sisters of the surface. This event was filled with the highest energy of love, harmony enlightenment and healing.  

It included our beloved brother and sisters: 

Zorra from Hollow Earth trans-channeled by his son, Zaraya.

Horus, Hatonn and Maldek channeled by Nancy Tate.

High Priest, Adama from the Inner Earth City of Telos and Archangel Michael, both trans-channeled by Annette Sassou.

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 Previous Events


Event of 04-07-12: Channeled Messages

Zorra, through Zaraya: Click Here

Horus, w/Special Visit from Sananda, through Nancy: Click Here

Adama & AA Michael, through Annette Sassou: Click Here

Closing the Event was a Surprise for Zaraya (Billie Faye Woodard).

 Days before the event Nancy had been inspired by Zorra to change some of the lyrics of the original song and to sing it with the new name:

 Go Rest Deep 'Neath Shasta Mountain

Click Here for Song

Music Courtesy of 

Original Version, Go Rest High on That Mountain by Vince Gil