Message from Hatonn, Sept 14, 2005


Hatonn: My news for you is this. I would like all of you who read these words to do something for yourselves. I would like you to stand in your power and demand that this government step down.

  Allow this one to bring forth a part of an original document that has never been seen by anyone except the courageous people who gave their intent over two hundred years ago and affixed their signatures to a document that then was forced to spend over two hundred years secreted away in an underground catacomb beneath the city of Washington DC.

Nancy: I received the following a couple weeks ago while Bob was reading something to me that was asking question about why our government is doing some of the things they are doing, such as:

Why is it that they carry out seizure and forfeitures in America without due process of law?

Why is it that you have no rights when it comes to IRS confiscation and seizure of property?

Why can the IRS seize your property without them ever having to go to court to get a decree to seize bank accounts or levy wages?

As he read I was getting a very strong feeling that the answer was coming, someone wanted to tell us why. So I tuned in and this is part of what I got:

“It is because there is no one in this world who remembers the reason, if they did they would know the answer. I do, I have the answer and it is this: It is because there was never a declaration as was put forth in the history. The declaration that was put forth was a fraud.

The real declaration was put into the trust of Jefferson, and what he did with it was neither recorded, nor entrusted with anyone who is living now. What I know is that there was a change made in the declaration, and it is that there is no one who is more dedicated to the freedom of democracy and a democratic nation than those present, but that this cannot be done with the present security that is being held against us by England.

We the people of the united States for America do swear and bequeath our rights of jurisprudence to the people of the country in which we reside. We the undersigned do swear our oath of allegiance to the united States for America, and in so doing, we are representatives of each other in our individual sovereignty, and obligated to no one body that declares itself the government of the United States of America.

I know this for I was there. I am the signer of the Declaration of independence, known as John Hancock.

Bob: Are you here to assist us with this mission of restoring our country to the original constitution?

JH: Yes, I most emphatically am. I am here under the jurisdiction of Hatonn and the rest of the Galactic Federation.

I have gained ample fortitude since my life as John Hancock to bring forth what I know to be the truth, for it has been my mission as well, through many lifetimes to bring about the truth and freedom for the various causes that are in slumber today.”


Now back to today’s suggestion:

Hatonn: Why I am asking this is because you are at a crucial point right now where you can make or break the way that the next weeks will evolve. As you go forward in this day, I ask that all of you take the time to call in the energies of removal of the dark energies for once and for all from the governing bodies of the world.

Further, what I ask is that you establish a council in your own circles of people who are to stand for and represent the country in which they reside. For instance, the SSN group can be one of those councils, the Wake up list another, the ET First Contact yet another. Any private lists you may have, these are the ones to form councils that comprise all who are a part of the lists, the circles.

It is especially important that the united States for America (rather than the United States of America, which is the US Corporation, which does not swear allegiance to the people, but to their Corporation and each other) see to it that there is nothing that stands in the way of bringing justice and freedom to the body of individuals that are the sovereign people of the country in which they reside.

Therefore, what I propose that you state in a written document what it is that you intend for your lives in the country that you live in and submit it through the internet to all those with whom you have formed this council. If you wish to lend your energy to another country that is not necessarily the one in which you reside at present, then do so, for in the course of your lifetimes you lived at every location on this planet, including the North American continent, and the land which is now the united States for America. It is all home to you.

This will be a powerful thing that you do, for it will send the message out to the energy grid that is viable right now for the intent of the people. State as a declaration that this is your intent for the country that you live in, and declare that this document is standing as the Declaration for Independence for the united States for America, and that it is so, and it is official.

To give this even more impact give yourselves a formalization of this document by holding a ceremony in any way that you can between your groups and declare that they are the intent of all who are in this group. This is a very powerful tool to use for the acquiescence of the Declaration.

I suggest that you give out the following possibility for the others to follow and change to suit their intent, as they create their own statement of intent.

We have set a date for the completion and the ceremony to dedicate and set Our Declaration for Independence as a statement to the Universe that we have taken back our power, our lives and our Home planet Earth. This date is Saturday, September 17, 2005 at the rising of the full moon at 10:00pm eastern time. This will create a flow of intent around the globe as the moon rises and reflects our intent out into the cosmos.  

Click Here to  Read the Declaration for Independence